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Centre should immediately release Rs. 555 crore for modernisation of police force

  • Central Government should bear 50 per cent expenditure of States’ police budget because of limited resources of State Governments —Hon’ble Chief Minister Ji

Expressing concern over the various challenges of internal security at the Chief Ministers’ conference held at Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi today, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ms. Mayawati ji emphasised the need to make concerted efforts and show strong will power to deal with the challenges of terrorism, caste or communal tension. The Chief Ministers’ conference on the subject of internal security was headed by the Prime
Minister Dr. Man Mohan Singh. She said that such arrangements should be made to deal with these challenges, so that these activities could be nipped in the bud before they could get active. Ms. Mayawati ji reiterated her strong will to fight with all issues related with the internal security. She said that the State Government was making all possible efforts to deal with this malaise through its own limited resources. Besides, she said that her government was committed to cooperate with other State Governments as well as the Centre. She said that her government also expected that the Centre would extend its cooperation
in this regard. She said that keeping in view the strengthening of police system and other requirements, her government had increased the police budget in the excess of Rs.7,400 crore. She said that keeping the limited resources of the State Governments in mind, it would be appropriate that the 50 per cent of the police budget should be borne by the Central Government, so that there was no lapse in the internal security.
The Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that as far as Uttar Pradesh was concerned, her government had taken several concrete steps to streamline the law and order of the State and it had yielded effective results. In the light of the Hon’ble Allahabad High Court’s decision on the Ayodhya issue, the atmosphere of the country had become very sensitive. Her government was fully sensitive on this issue that if any thing untoward happened in Uttar Pradesh then the entire country would be affected. Therefore, her government had assessed the situation and drawn effective strategy to deal with it.

Ms. Mayawati ji said that security arrangements were made at the disputed site of Ayodhya, premises of Hon’ble Allahabad High Court and its Lucknow Bench. The Government also took some effective steps to keep the situation under full control all over the State. Therefore, no untoward situation occurred. The State Government’s request for additional forces from the Centre was not accepted. The Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that population-wise Uttar Pradesh was the most populous State of the country and the previous governments did not pay any attention towards the development of police force and it had a movable working manpower of only 80,000. Her Government had created 2.04 lakh posts for police force. Under it, 35,000 police personnel had been recruited and were being imparted training.

Ms. Mayawati ji said that during the internal security meetings it had been decided that the Central Government would provide training assistance to the States on large scale on anti-terrorist and Jungle warfare, but no action had been taken so far. A data bank of effective and cooperative persons of the society had been created along with the anti-social elements. Besides, the State Government had taken cooperation of all the departments and their personnel to maintain peace and order. As per the requirement
sometimes water cannon, tear gas, plastic pellets, etc. are used in place of lethal weapons. The police forces have been trained to deal with children, women and old citizens with care.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that her government had taken several steps to deal with terrorism. Her government had set-up antiterrorist squad (ATS) in December 2008 and it had been functioning very
effectively and made several breakthroughs. She said that the Central agencies were supposed to provide accurate intelligence. Referring to the explosion that occurred on 7 December 2010 in Varanasi, she said that the Centre did not provide accurate intelligence and whatever intelligence was given was relevant in the light of Dussehra (17th October). The State Government focussed on it and nothing happened.

Ms. Mayawati Ji said that it was not a healthy tradition to put blame on each other or issue public statement on the basis of intelligence reports. She said that concerted efforts were needed to deal with the challenge of terrorism. She said that there were many religious and tourist places in the State and people came here from country and abroad. She said that her government had suggested that for the security of these places the state and central security forces should make joint efforts. Most of the terrorist elements conducted their activities through internet. Therefore, development of cyber surveillance and cyber forensic efficiency was required at the State level. Besides, the financial activities of terrorists and their financial resources should also be watched and made ineffective. The Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that intelligence organisation had already been constituted in the State and it had developed its own ‘grid’ according to the needs of the State. State multi agency centre had also started under the intelligence headquarters. Besides, State STF and ATS had also developed their ‘grids’. All these agencies had been equipped with ultramodern system.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that with a view to preventing the crimes related to Indian counterfeit notes in the State, a state-level committee had been constituted under the Chairmanship of DGP, Uttar
Pradesh. District level committees had also been constituted under the Chairmanship of District Magistrate. In the year of 2010, Indian counterfeit notes worth Rs. 68 lakh were confiscated and 172 cases were registered, besides 80 culprits arrested.

Ms. Mayawati ji said that following the directives of Hon’ble Supreme Court regarding Police Reforms, Police Establishment Board and State Security Commission had been constituted. Police Reform Commission had
been assigned the responsibility of framing the police act. As many as 35,000 police constables recruitment work had been completed in 2010 with full transparency and fairness.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that annual budget of the State for police system had gone up to the tune of Rs. 7,444 crore at present, against which the Central Government was providing Rs. 100 crore for
modernisation, which is negligible. The State Government had sent a proposal for 555 crore to the Union Government for its need, which is still pending. She requested that this amount should be released immediately. Ms. Mayawati ji said that it is the opinion of the State Government that purchase of cartridge and new vehicles in place of old vehicles should be sanctioned under modernisation schemes. She said that porous Indo-Nepal International Borders had become an easy way of infiltration in India by terrorists and anti-national elements despite, strict vigil on Indo-Pak and Indo-Bangladesh International Borders. Maoist organisation is involved in anti-India activities on Indo-Nepal Border. She said that these anti-India activities should be curbed after making negotiations with Nepal on these issues.

Ms. Mayawati ji said that a proposal of about 640 km road construction beside Into-Nepal Border estimated Rs. 1621 crore had been sent to Government of India, implementation of which is very important. She said
that Uttar Pradesh remained peaceful from naxal problem, though a large part of the country is suffering from it. Her government did not view this problem as a law and order problem only. It is focusing on this problem from social and economic aspects also. Development of various infrastructure facilities had been taken up in naxal affected districts.

Ms. Mayawati ji said that only Sonbhadra district has been included in the naxal affected “focal district” list. Chandauli and Mirzapur should also been included in this list, so that these cities could be developed. A proposal in this regard was sent to Union Government in September 2010, which is still pending.
In this conference, the Minister for parliamentary affairs Mr. Lal Ji Verma read the written speech of Hon’ble Chief Minister as her representative.

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