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Ground reality of congress with Delhi farmers

Gongress youvraj Rahul Gandhi  is sitting on “Dharna” in favour of Farmers of UP State to provide them the Land Acquisition Rates at the rate of Mareket Value. He also stressed to give them the proper compensation to the farmers at the earliest. On the other hand, he did not think over the fundamental rights of the Farmers of the home state (Delhi). The Delhi Farmers of several villages requested humbly now and then to the Delhi govt. to release the proper value of their land that has already been awarded in Feb 2006 but the Govt. never convinced and conveyed the fruitful response in to the matter. Is the congress Party is thinking over the benefits of the UP Farmers merely or thinking to accumulate the vote bank.
Digvijay Singh recently stated on T.V. Channel (today) that the congress party has ever been thinking the benefits / rights of the Farmers. But at the same time what happened to the congress party in case of Delhi Farmers like the villages ” Tikri Khurd, Tikri Kalan, Kanjhawala, Karala, Sultan Pur Dabas and village Poonth Kalan”. 

I am to bring into your kind notice that in Dec-07, a message was conveyed through the “Hindustan Times” that the compensation for land acquisition had been revised to “75 lakh Per care from 25 Lakh Per Acre ” .
The Farmers became very happy after this News. Even after that the same News was published two or three times by now. At present the Delhi Govt. shows its Adamant behavior and is providing Rs 25 lakh Per Acre in the shape of Compensation of acquisition of land. The farmers are continuing a peaceful “Dharna” since March-08 till now, beside the H, ble SDM Court, Village Kanjhawala, Delhi, But no positive step has been taken by Delhi Govt. or concerned Mp of this area. Is it not a negative attitude of this Delhi Govt. towards the innocent farmers that the Govt. bluffed the poor and illiterate farmers . After being getting acquired this land, the concerned farmers have left no other source of their livelihood, in case they accept 25 lakh Per Acre.
The Delhi Govt. must provide the cost of land proportionately to the existing cost of the Mkt. rates. I want to let u know that presently the land is being sold (privately) at the cost of 3 Crores Per Acre like in Najabgarh, Delhi . The six villages where the land has likely to be acquired are ” Tikri Khurd, Tikri Kalan, Kanjhawala, Karala, Sultan Pur Dabas and village Poonth Kalan”.  [Farmer of Delhi]

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