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Hon’ble Chief Minister Gifts Uttar Pradesh Janhit Guarantee Law to people on her birthday

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ms. Mayawati ji, on her birthday today gifted “Uttar Pradesh Janhit Guarantee Law” to the people of the State. Under the new law, the people get statutory guarantee to obtain the identified services within the stipulated time period in the first phase. The State Government has issued an ordinance to implement this law. As a result, this law has come into force in the State from today.

Hon’ble Chief Minister was addressing a programme organised on her 55th birthday at Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Auditorium, Ashiyana Lucknow. Her birthday is being celebrated as Jan Kalyankari Divas all over the State.
Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that the implementation of the Uttar Pradesh Janhit Guarantee Law would empower the people of the State to get identified services in a time bound manner. She said that now the
people would not be dependent on the whims or recommendations of any body, because the state government has assured legal guarantee of providing the identified services to the people in a specified time period.

She said that her government, in first phase, has included those services which were availed mostly by poor and weaker sections of the society in their day to day affairs. Later on, other services would also be included in the ambit of this law as per requirement, she added. Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that through this law the state government had fixed the time limit to provide the identified services and the accountability of officers failing to deliver the services during the specified time frame had also been clearly earmarked. In case of delay or non delivery of services by the officers, the concerning officers, if found
guilty, would be penalised. The penalty would be realised from the guilty officers as per prescribed procedure and then paid to the applicant. She hoped that with the implementation of Uttar Pradesh Janhit Guarantee
Law, efforts being made to make the administration people-oriented would get a fillip.

Throwing light on the necessity of the implementation of new law, Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that her Government had been making serious efforts to establish equality based society by following the policy
of Sarvajan Hitai, Sarvajan Sukhai. She said that to establish such a system, it was necessary to create an atmosphere free of fear, corruption, injustice, crime and which is conducive for development. She said that such an atmosphere could be created when the administrative system becomes sensitive towards the needs of the people and it also performed its duties with responsibility.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that keeping this in view her Government had taken several important steps to develop new work culture in the Government departments. She said that better results had been noticed but her party’s Government was not satisfied with this only. Therefore, the State Government had taken a historic decision to enforce U.P. Janhit Guarantee Law in the State. Under this law, the State Government had taken a revolutionary decision through which the general public would get various services being provided by different Government departments in stipulated time frame in a guaranteed manner.
It is noteworthy that services like issuance of caste certificate, income certificate, domicile certificate, undisputed mutation of land, issuance of original kisan bahi, issuance of duplicate of kisan bahi, undisputed mutation of property under Nagar Nigam area, providing water connection within Nagar Nigam area wherever it is technically possible, issuance of birth-death certificates in Nagar Nigam/Nagar Palika Parishad/Nagar Panchayat areas, issuance of disability certificate and issuance of new APL ration card in urban/rural areas had been included in the first phase of the U.P. Janhit Guarantee Law.

It is also worth mentioning that first appellate authority and second appellate authority had been notified for ensuring deliverance of the identified services within the stipulated time frame and imposition of penalty in case of delay in the service. If, the notified officers failed to deliver the services without any valid reason and the first appellate authority also failed to dispose of the appeal within the stipulated time, then the second appellate authority would have the right to impose a penalty between Rs. 500 to 5000 on the notified officer and the first appellate authority, but before doing so the earlier related officers would be given a hearing. If the second appellate authority finds out that delay had been caused in providing service by the notified officer, then he can impose a penalty of Rs. 250 per day to a maximum of Rs. 5000 on him.

Besides, the second appellate authority could also recommend disciplinary action against the notified officer and the first appellate authority.

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