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Dalit Maha Panchayat formed in Punjab, set to influence LS polls

Dalit Maha Panchayat formed in Punjab, set to influence LS polls

Malwa region of the state on Wednesday again received an shot in arm with the formal formation of Dalit Maha Panchayat (DMP) with the main task to cater to the issues concerning the state scheduled castes having an total population of above 35 per cent.

In the formal formation meeting Paramjit Singh Kainth, National President of the National Scheduled Castes Alliance (NSCA) and the Chamar Mahan Sabha, and the state President of the Jan Lok Shakti Party, Kiranjit Singh Gehri have been nominated as the convener and co-convener of it respectively. The setting up of Dalit Maha Panchayat is going to play a major role in the forthcoming Parliamentary elections with the new polarization of the state scheduled castes, as similar indications have also been given by the both newly appointed leaders of this Panchayat soon after their nomination in their formal address to the meeting, which was held in Dr. Ambedkar Bhawan here. The meeting was largely attended by the scheduled castes leaders and their representatives belonged to different political and social outfits and the leaders came from different places in the state.

Paramjit Singh Kainth, the newly appointed convener of Dalit Maha Panchayat, while giving details of the meeting in a statement issued here this evening soon after the meeting stated that the need of the formation of this organization was felt as the state scheduled castes feeling cheated by the state government and the governments are only using the Dalits to gain political power in the state and not doing anything for their welfare and also not redressing their problems.

He said that even after seeing the plight of these castes governments have failed to get sincere and dedicated leaders and the so-called leaders working in different political parties have done nothing but mortgage the interests of the scheduled castes to their masters in their out fits. He said that keeping in view such situation the issue was widely deliberated among many likeminded organizations concerning the scheduled castes and now the end result is before you.
Kainth added that in the meeting it has been decided that DMP will fan out in the state within days with the setting up of its units at the block level with its agenda for the welfare of the Dalits in the state and to provide them a stronger leadership too. He also clarified that DMP is open for all people belonged to the scheduled castes working in different organizations and set up’s but faith in the agenda set up by it. Going a step forward Kainth also hinted that to lure others if need be DMP will go to chalk out a common minimum program too to readjust it’s goal as well and said that everybody sincere towards the dalit’s in the state is welcomed in this new set up.

While setting priorities of DMP Paramjit Singh Kainth and Kiranjeet Singh Gehri said that their organization will work to get new reforms in the welfare schemes run by the state as well as the union government for the state scheduled castes. Besides it will also work for the proper implementation of the post matric scholarship schemes for the students belonged to the scheduled castes of the state as so far due to the insincerity on the part of the state government the funds for these scholarships have not been released by the union government because of which these students are facing the hardships. They said that they will struggle to get reservation for the scheduled castes as per their share in the population and also work to get implementation of the sub plan for the scheduled castes of the state and hike in the income tax slab for scheduled castes from present Rs. 2.50 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh as the union government had already hiked it for other minorities.

Kainth giving details of the meeting also told that in the meeting a resolution was also passed by a voice vote demanding scrapping of all false police cases against Kiranjeet Singh Gehri also. He said that DMP is determined not to allow any kind of atrocities against scheduled castes in the state and work whole heartly for the welfare and glory of the scheduled castes. He also demanded a hike in the stipend amount for the scheduled castes students.

Prominent among those who attend this meeting includes Lachman Dass Jatti, chairman of the national dalit council of India, Charanjit Singh Kainth,Jaswant Singh amdefkar palaidar union, Karnail Singh Rangrehta dal, sukhwinder singh gharu aadharm samaj, Gurtej Singh dalit sena, sham singh jora BSP,Resham Singh convener dalit sena and Jagdeep Singh Gehri etc. [punjabnewsline]


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