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Communal elements are trying to disturb social harmony in the state in the pretext of public protests

The State Government appealed in public interest to all political parties and their leaders to avoid public protests, agitations, and processions in the light of High School and Intermediate Board examinations, which have just commenced and ensuing Holi festival so that law and order is not disturbed in the State. Addressing to press today in Lal Bahadur Shastri Bhawan, Shri Shashank Shekhar Singh, Cabinet Secretary informed that the State Government respects all the political parties and their leaders and requested them to maintain discipline and good conduct in accordance with their position and responsibilities so that the law and order situation is not disturbed in the State and the common man is not exposed to severe difficulties/inconveniences. Cabinet Secretary told the press that High School and Intermediate Board examinations have just commenced. Students will face difficulties in view of any kind of public protests, processions or agitations. In case they are not able to write their examinations due to public  disturbances they will lose the whole year. He also told that the important Holi festival will be celebrated across the State on 19th and 20th of March. The State Government has to make comprehensive arrangements to maintain law and order situation and social harmony during this festival so that peace and order is maintained during this period. In view of this, any kind of public protests or agitations are not justified at this juncture since the communal elements may misuse them to disturb the public order and social harmony.
Shri Singh informed that it has come to the notice of the State Government from the press that Samajvadi Party is organizing ‘protest day’ in the villages across the State on 17th March, 2011. He told that Samajvadi Party has so far not sought any permission from the district administration to organize public meetings, processions or protests in
Lucknow or any other districts. He said that in the democracy any public protest or agitation should be issue based or on the subjects related to public interest. Cabinet Secretary stressed that it is clear view of the State Government that any political party should put up its issues or matters in a disciplined manner and should not attempt to disturb the public peace or order. Also they should not damage public or private properties under any circumstances. He said that public is worst effected by any kind of violent protest or agitation.
Shri Singh reminded the press about the action taken by Samajvadi Party during their three days’ protests/processions between 7th to 9th March, 2011 across the State. He informed that he came to know about the details of this agitation from the media. He was told by the press that President of Samajvadi Party had appealed to the party workers to organize public protests on the line of what had recently been experienced in Egypt wherein the President, Hosni Mubarak was forced to quit the power. He incited the party workers to force the State Government to stop functioning.
Shri Singh told that he was informed by the media that the President of the Samajvadi Party provoked the party  workers to resort to violence by giving them slogans like “NA MANENGE NA MARENGE” (Neither we shall accept nor we shall hit) and “JO APNA KHOON BAHAYEGA WAHI TICKET PAYEGA” (Only such workers will be allotted party tickets who will sacrifice their blood). Cabinet Secretary told the press that they were well aware of the incidences across the State during three days’ agitations of the Samajvadi Party. He informed that public was forced to undergo
serious inconveniences during these agitations. Many students missed their classes and serious patients were deprived  of medical attention because they could not reach the hospitals. Many persons missed trains or buses for attending to their important business/engagements.

He said that the State Government maintained its composure and did not resort to any kind of rash action even though the protesters incited the administration in many ways. Cabinet Secretary informed that possibly taking the note of
disturbance to law and order and damage to public or private properties by regular public protests, rallies, processions and agitations, Hon’ble High Court has issued clear directions to the State from time to time to take action against the miscreants.

Cabinet Secretary presented the directions issued by Hon’ble Allahabad High Court on 2nd Dec., 2010 in Writ No. 40831/09 Mohd. Sujauddin vs Govt. of U.P. & others, which is as below: ” As and when any incident of damage to public property takes place, if such agitation/procession etc. has been called at the invitation or instance of a political party or a sitting or former people’s representative, report shall be registered by concerned
police station against such political party/person by name.” Shri Singh told that Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has also issued detailed guidelines regarding damage to public or private properties under such protests/agitations. In view of the apex court in the country maximum punishment should be imposed in these cases.

In Hon’ble Supreme Court’s own words “……..maximum punishment shall be imposed. For a lenient view, reasons shall be assigned.” Along with this, Hon’ble court has directed the Government officials to take the matter very seriously when they get information regarding any public protest, rally or agitation by the political parties and should take all possible action so that there is no damage to public or private properties. Cabinet Secretary reiterated the State Government’s resolve to maintain law and order and public harmony in the State. He appealed to all political parties to help the Government in maintaining the environment of peace and order and should not take any step which will lead to serious public inconveniences

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