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Kapil Sibal’s comments regarding implementation of RTE irresponsible: Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati

UP Government allocated highest amount for basic education sector all over the country

The Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati has termed Union Human Resources Development Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal’s comments regarding the implementation of Right to Education (RTE) Act in UP as irresponsible and misleading. She said that the Congress led UPA Government formulated new laws from time to time just to mislead people, but when the time of their implementation came it just shied away from its responsibilities and put entire onus on the State Governments. She said that this was not happening for the first time. She said that the UPA Government formulated laws and legislations in the name of development, but it never did its homework before their implementation. She said that the Centre shoved its half cooked programmes on the State Governments to take their political mileage. Owing to it, the State Governments were facing difficulty and RTE Act was a good example of it.

The Chief Minister said that the task force constituted for the judicial impact assessment in the light of the Hon’ble Supreme Court’s directive had clearly recommended that if the Central Government formulated any Act on the subject included in the Union list and in the Concurrent list, then the Central Government should bear the full cost required for the implementation of the Act. Since, education is included in the concurrent list, therefore the Union Government should not pass on financial burden of the implementation of RTE Act on the State Governments.

Ms. Mayawati said that the State Government had been according top priority to education especially the basic education. She said that the budget for basic education was being increased continuously if compared to previous year. She said that Rs. 8613 crore had been allocated for basic education in the year 2007-08, Rs. 9700 crore were earmarked for the same head during the year 2008-09 and Rs. 12412 crore had been allocated under the same head during the year 2009-2010. She said that keeping in view the implementation of RTE Act, a provision of Rs. 15175 crore had been made for the year 2010-11 for basic education. It was 10 per cent of the total budget of the State, she said . These facts indicated that our government, despite heavy odds and limited resources, had decided to spend 10 per cent of the total budget on basic education, she added. She said that if the said central assistance was compared, then it would be clear that the Central Government had been misleading people regarding the RTE Act and it was trying to ignore the efforts of the State Government regarding the implementation of the RTE Act. She said that Mr. Kapil Sibal should have checked out facts before airing his views on the issue.

The Chief Minister said that the State Government had requested to the Central Government from time to time regarding all the circumstances, affecting the proper implementation of the RTE Act. In this regard, she had written letter to the Prime Minister to sanction an additional amount of Rs. 22868 crore in the first three years for the proper implementation of RTE Act. But, it was unfortunate that Mr. Sibal, instead of making arrangements to provide the requisite amount needed for the implementation of RTE Act, had been making cheap comments. It was clear that the Central Government did not intend to make education available to one and all according to the provisions of the RTE Act. It was just taking political mileage through this Act, she pointed out.

The Chief Minister said that U.P. was not the only state to ask additional funds for implementing RTE. She said that states like West Bengal, M.P., Karnataka, Punjab had expressed their inability to bear the financial burden needed for its implementation. Likewise, Chhatisgarh, Orrisa and Congress ruled Andhra Pradesh Government had also asked for additional funds for implementing this Act. She questioned whether Mr. Sibal had toured these states and given similar statement against these Governments. She said that it was clear that the Congress-led Central Government, which is out of power from the State since last 20 years, had adopted a negligent and partisan attitude against Uttar Pradesh. It is evident from the fact that during the last three years, since BSP Government came to power in the State, the Central Government had not released central share of Rs. 17492 crore, payable to the State Government, thus hampering the development works. She said that Mr. Sibal should not shift the responsibility for failure of the Central Government, but should sincerely think about implementation of RTE Act and should arrange funds for all the State Governments according to their demand.Terming the statement of Mr. Sibal regarding construction of memorials, museums, statutes and parks in honour of the Saints, Gurus and Great men of dalit and backward classes as very unfortunate, she said that the people were well aware of the reality that the fund spent on the construction of these monuments in the last three years was less then one per cent of the budget. She asked why, Mr. Sibal does not remember hundreds of memorials, museums, statutes and parks constructed in the name of Gandhi-Nehru family and billons of rupees were being spent every year on their maintenance. She said that the stupendous amount of public money spent on the construction of memorials of Gandhi-Nehru family, can very well be ascertained from this fact. Therefore, Mr. Sibal’s comments regarding the memorials constructed in the memory of great-men born in dalit and OBC sections were uncalled for and very cheap.

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