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Land on moon as birthday gift to U.P. C.M. is baseless, irrelevant and funny

C.M. has nothing to do with case of land on moon — Shashank Shekhar Singh
The U.P. Cabinet Secretary Mr. Shashank Shekhar Singh has termed the matter with regard to providing purchased land on moon as birthday gift to U.P. Chief Minister Ms. Mayawati as baseless, irrelevant and funny without any seriousness. She said that publicity of such funny stories by some news papers and a prominent news channel is regrettable. He made it clear that the Chief Minister had no information regarding the allotment of land on moon and she (C.M.) had nothing to do with it.

Mr. Singh was talking to media persons here today at media centre, Annexe. He informed that some days ago a packet was received at the official residence of the Chief Minister having “LRS FULFILMENT (AGENT), 2712 Merchant Ct, Tracy, CA 95377-8501, US” as sender’s name. There were some papers inside this packet in connection with the allotment of plot on moon. The Cabinet Secretary said that when this matter came to the knowledge of the Chief Minister, she immediately directed the home department for taking necessary action in this connection, because she herself had no information regarding this atter. He said that the state government had sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for taking proper action and inquiry into the case of gifting plot to the Chief Minister on moon. The state government had also requested the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for speedy inquiry into this case. Mr. Singh said that Ms. Mayawati had become state’s Chief Minister for the fourth time and she is Messiah of Dalits, besides the National President of her party. The publicity of such news for the great person was regrettable. Before the publicity of the news regarding plot allotment on moon, neither any talk was held with the Chief Minister, nor had any information been taken from any officer, he said. The Cabinet Secretary has requested the media representatives to give example of maturity and patience in cases of such news having no seriousness.

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