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BSP works not only for SC/STs but for all sections: Sister Mayawati

Seeking to shake off BSP’s image as a party which cares only for SC/STs, Mayawati today said it was not against any caste or religion and wanted to build a society based on the principles of equality.
“BSP is not against any caste or religion. It wants to remove inequality and establish a society based on equality,” the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister said while seeking votes for party candidates in Uttarakhand Assembly elections.
To support her claim, Mayawati said she has given tickets to candidates belonging to all sections of society during the current assembly elections.
Reminding people that the BSP had formed government in UP four times because of its “good and pro-people policies”, she exuded confidence that her party will repeat its performance once again this time.
“People would bring BSP back to power for the fifth time in the state as it always works for the welfare of all sections of soceity,” she claimed.
Alleging that non-BSP governments are formed with the help of rich people and so they make policies which favour them, she described BSP as the only party which makes policies for the welfare of all sections.
Listing the works done by her government in Uttar Pradesh for welfare of various sections of the society, Mayawati said her government did not tolerate atrocities against women, SC/STs and other weaker sections and the culprits are immediately sent behind the bars.

Uttar Pradesh’s Sarvajan living hugely improved lives in the last five years of rule by Mayawati, a CM from the community . Hence she remains their icon and BSP the party they identify with-because it draws legitimacy, inspiration and ideology from Babasaheb Ambedkar.
BSP rule has  made much difference even to Ambedkar villages which were conceived in 1991 to bring their residents, particularly SC/STs, into the mainstream . When implemented in 1995, the scheme became a source of heartburn exposing Mayawati to the charge that she was excessively focused on SC/STs which is not true.

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  1. While BSP is doing such good work the media is propagating otherwise. OUr strength should be in reaching people directly with facts and figures. Recent study by NCERT showd that UP has outclassed all the states in Education at the level of 5th class Only in Environmental studies Tamilnadu is nuber one and up is two but in all the other subjects UP is Number ONE. In Agriculture UP is number ONE state. Director of Criminal investigation records show in UP Rapes are less than Assam, WB, Rajasthan, AP and MP etc. Even crimes are less in UP compared to other states. If education is good Agriculture is good and crime is less what more you expect. This shows people are developping.

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