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Provide similar facilities to U.P. as provided to Maharashtra Government after Mumbai blast

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Ms. Mayawati ji has requested the Government of India to provide 125 companies of Central Security Forces, besides other resources, to protect important religious and tourist places of the State. She said that the issues related with development and national security should not be viewed through political angle. She had visited the site of incident late yesterday night and directed the authorities to provide adequate medical facilities to the injured persons. She announced an ex-gratia of Rs. 1 lakh to the family members of the deceased girl, Rs. 50,000 assistance for seriously injured persons and Rs. 25,000 assistance for those suffering minor injuries.

Hon’ble Chief Minister ji, in her letter, sent to the Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, has written that the State Government took yesterday’s blast at the Sheetla Ghat Varanasi very seriously and sent two senior ministers, chief secretary and DGP immediately to the site of accident. She directed these officers to ensure that the injured persons got proper medical attention and also to ensure other necessary arrangements. She said that to investigate the matter seriously, special teams of ATS and BDDS were rushed to Varanasi in the night itself, besides the forensic team from Agra. All these teams were seriously investigating this accident.

Hon’ble Chief Minister ji, in her letter, said that for almost one decade the terrorist incidents had been taking place in the State and to effectively control these incidents, the State needed additional companies of Central Security Forces. She said that the religious and tourist places would have to be protected for a long time. She said that the Central intelligence agencies did not give any specific information to the State Government.
Ms. Mayawati ji said that the Indian Mujahideen, in the light of this incident, had sent an e-mail to all the newspapers and electronic media saying that the Babari Masjid demolition would be avenged in this way continuously. She said that after the Hon’ble High Court’s verdict on Ayodhya issue, her government had taken effective steps to maintain the law and order and peace in the State through its limited resources. She said that owing to these steps the State remained calm and no untoward incident occurred and law and order and communal harmony of the State remained intact.
Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that U.P. was the most populous State of the country having a population of more than 20 crores. The State had several religious places like Ayodhya and Varanasi, which had special importance for the followers of various religions and sects coming from country and abroad. She said that 18 big terrorist incidents had occurred in U.P. since year 2000 and 80 persons lost their lives in these incidents. These incidents included blasts at Dashashwmedh Ghat (2005), Sankat Mochan Mandir and railway station (2006) and 3 blasts in court premises (2007). All of them occurred in Varanasi itself. The terrorist attack at the CRPF group centre Rampur is also included in it.

Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that the terrorist elements were constantly targeting U.P.’s religious and tourist places of various communities to disturb the peace and order of the State. She said that extensive security arrangements at these important places were required for future, so that the criminals and disruptive elements did not succeed in disturbing the peace and order of the State as well as the country. Besides, Hon’ble Chief Minister ji said that terrorism was a national problem and until the Central Government did not make solid arrangements to protect the international borders of the country, it would not be possible to stop such incidents. She said that the problem of terrorism should not be left for the States as it is not correct in the interest of the country.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister said that Central Government had to take stern steps to root-out terrorism. She said that terroris ts take entry through international borders and perform terrorists’ activities. She said that the State Government understands its responsibility. After the verdict of high court in Ayodhya controversy, peaceful atmosphere remained in the State, owing to which peace was maintained in the whole country. Similarly, no terrorist incident took place in the State on 06 December, she added. The Hon’ble Chief Minister said that terrorist incident of Varanasi,
or Mumbai or Ahmedabad or Delhi could not be prevented by all these State Governments, unless the Central Government rises above the party politics and equip every state with modern weapons available to terrorists. She said that the Central Government should provide all necessary facilities to the State Government like the Maharashtra Government after the Mumbai Blast.

The Hon’ble Chief Minister said that as far as the question of Varanasi Blast is concerned, it has to be made clear that Central Intelligence Agencies had not given any confirmed intelligence information in this regard. Therefore, it is far from the fact to say that State Government had been alerted several times regarding this incident. She said that no state government should be held fully responsible for such terrorist incidents. Whether, the State Governments could be held solely responsible for the serial blasts in Gujarat in 26 July, 2008 in which 53 persons died and Mumbai blast
held two years earlier in which hundreds of persons died or terrorist incidents held in Delhi, she asked. Against the backdrop of former Union Minister and Senior BJP MP Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi who held the State Government responsible, the Hon’ble Chief Minister asked that when the blast took place in Gujarat, what the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat was doing. On the statement of Union Home Minister Mr. P. Chidambaram, she remarked
that the State Government had not received and confirmed ‘Actionable Specific Intelligence Input’ from the Central Government.

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